11 Best chatbots for website | Max customer satisfaction

Chatbots simplify interaction between human and machines. Having chatbot on your website will increase potential sales and grow your business fast.

11 Best chatbots for website | Max customer satisfaction
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What is a chatbot

chatbots are computer programs that simplify interaction between human and the computer. It can reply based on users input. Sometimes it can ask questions from its users as well. Chatbots are one of the most frequently  searched terms on the internet. Chatbots use predefined answers or artificial intelligence to reply to your messages.

You may have used or heard Virtual Assistants such as Apple Siri, Google assistant, Amazon Alexa or Samsung bixby at least once in your life. Virtual assistants common thing in our regular life. Think about heaving virtual assistant on your favorite regularly visiting websites.


Where can I see chatbots

Most of the major companies such as Adidas NBC uses chatbots on their websites.

Social media also provides the messaging platforms to customise for chatbots. Facebook is one of the best messaging platforms for chatbots. Facebook allows you to customise Facebook messenger to connect your own chatbot. When people message to your Facebook messenger page you can assign your chat bot to reply to your Facebook page messenger.


Chatbot usage

You may ask why chatbot is important and what are the uses of a chatbot. Well chatbots is the coolest, fanciest and crucial widget that must have on your website. A chatbot can add more value to a website. They can be programmable for different types of tasks. 80% of business to customer (B2C)  communication is is going to be through chatbots within next 3 to 5 years. Chatbots can engage with customers better than emails, social media or anything else.

  • Think about a chatbot where placed on your website that can get feedback from your customers.

  • A chatbot that can you great your customers

  • A chatbot that can suggest products, services and promotions to visitors on your website.

  • Your customers can ask questions directly from your chatbot without going to your FAQs page.

  • You can set up a chatbot to answer automatically when you are unable to chat with your customers.

  • Customers will able to register events and programs without filling forms just answering your chatbot questions

  • If you are doing business with shipping customers will be able to get there shipping status directly from the chatbot.


Not only sales and marketing chatbots are used for various purposes.

  • UNICEF use chatbots to understand needs and help people in marginalized communities in developing countries.

  • Medical organizations use chatbots to treat patients with dementia and patients struggle with Alzheimer's disease. 

  • NBC provide chatbot to help users navigate the headlines.


This is one of the best ways to increase your sales and gain customer trust by having chatbot in you website.


How chatbot works

Predefined Q&A Chatbot

As  mentioned before, there are two types of chatbots. That depends on the architecture of the program. Most of the chatbots use predefined questions and answers that stored on their database. Developers or administrators of a chatbot can prepare a series of questions and answers that could be asked from the chatbot. When you ask a question from a chatbot, it may analyse it's local database for your question. If you question is already on the database it reply you back with stored answer. If you answer is not stored or listed on the database it cannot answer your particular question. It can suggest something else that can be answered.


Artificial intelligence based (AI)

Artificial intelligent chatbots also use the same kind of mechanism to understand messages and reply to their users. But the difference is artificial intelligent chatbots can learn perfect responses from the previous conversations. These answers more close to human answers than the other chatbots.

These robots use natural language processing (NLP). Natural language processing is a method that translate human language phase into computer understandable sequence. These algorithms splits each word on a phase and identify relationships between those words. Finally they understand the meaning of the phrase by matching these little pieces. Lot of training will be needed for better performance.


Which programming language is best for chatbot programming.

In software industry python is one of the most popular programming languages for neural network programming. If you are a web developer you can use PHP for chatbot development. PHP supports machine learning.


How to add chatbot to a website

There are two ways to add a chatbot to your website or blog. You can create a new chatbot on your own or get professional help to make a customised chatbot. If you are not a programmer you can easily find programmers who make chatbots for fair price on websites such as Fiverr.

Chatbots can program with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and telegram.

Creating your own chatbot might takes time and effort. If you plan to add chatbot on your website in a short period, you can use readymade chatbot service out there. There many chatbot services that provide premium features for monthly subscriptions. You only have to integrate their plugin to your website.

There are few benefits using chatbot service rather than using your own chatbot. you don't have to maintain or worry about the chatbot because service company I will take care of it. You only have to to concern customers only.


List of best chatbots for your website

Here are few of best and popular chatbot services you can get. They didn't listed only for popularity. I've noticed many bloggers and youtubers has recommened them.

  1. Flow XO AI

  2. Botsify

  3. Chatfuel

  4. Amplify.ai

  5. Boost.ai

  6. LivePerson

  7. Mobile Monkey

  8. Imperson

  9. Octane AI

  10. Pandorabots

  11. Many Chat



Chatbots will be a necessary part of the internet in the next few years. They are widely used in sales and marketing. Companies like Adidas use chatbots to serve their customers UNICEF also use chatbots to help people around the world. Adding chatbot to your website is not that difficult as think. There are companies provides chatbot services.

There are two types of chatbots.

  1. AI based Chatbot

  2. Predefined Q&A Chatbot