6 Outdoor Adventures On Panama City Beach | Anyone can do

It's officially time for an outdoor vacation. And there is nothing better than the sand, the sea and the sun of Panama City Beach in Florida.

6 Outdoor Adventures On Panama City Beach | Anyone can do

Your kids have perfected all of their indoor reckless tricks. The couch has officially become a landing pad for adorable human rockets. And you can't go from room to room without stumbling into an elaborate obstacle course. Yes. Officially it's time for a vacation that gets all that energy out of doors. And there is nothing better than the sand, the sea and the sun of Panama City Beach in Florida. Check out PCB's amazing outdoor adventures for kids

1. Surf the Waves

Waves across the Gulf of Mexico on a guided or unguided jet ski excursion. This family activity is a great way to explore the area's beautiful emerald green waters - a refreshing saltwater spray on your face, not optional! Be sure to quickly move on to Shell Island, a stunning barrier island off the coast. Discover the natural beauty of its sand dunes, wildlife, seashells and, of course, playful dolphins. And if you're ready to try a new water sport, learn rowing techniques from an expert instructor.

2. Fly Over the beach

To experience the thrill of flying high, go parasailing with your crew; no experience is needed. Fly over the beach with Adventures at Sea for a breathtaking view of the white sand shoreline, crystal clear waters, marine life, and the "tiny" bathers and boats below. It can accommodate up to three people, so they can glide smoothly through the expansive panoramic views together. Be sure to let the captain know if you want to stay dry or get your feet wet!

3. Explore Beneath the surface

Immerse yourself in aquatic life and dive with the Dive Locker. Kids twelve and up can learn the basics, prepare with a divemaster, and head to St. Andrews State Park for an incredible introductory excursion under the surface of the water. Swim with new friends like octopus, pig snapper, and many other spectacular tropical fish. Who knows, you might come across some pirate treasures too. Have more time? Children 10 years and older can become certified divers by following a three-day course. If you're not ready to take the plunge (literally), a dolphin boat tour is another amazing way to see your favorite sea creatures.

4. Adventure Boat Rides

Head to the back waters in an airboat, the only type of boat that can transport you to a remote maze of streams, islands and swamps. Wild Thang airboat tours take you full speed into the wild, home to alligators, dolphins, manatees, snakes, stingrays and birds. Keep an eye out for old sunken ships and anything else that may lurk below. For an adventure after dark, book a one hour trip to catch a glimpse of the "red eyes" of the alligators under the crew's spotlights. Children must be at least two years old to travel.

5. Enjoy Games in Amusement Park

Head to one of the many amusement parks in the area. Visit Cobra Adventure Park for a ride on The Dragon Wagon, a "kid-only" roller coaster. Compete in go-karts on four levels or play miniature golf. Families with young children love the Kids Kingdom of Rides (located right next to the beach) at Emerald Falls Family Recreation Center.

6. Have Fun the Waterpark

Tap, splash, swim, float and even relax. A fun-filled tropical setting isn't just reserved for the beach. Shipwreck Island Water Park is a family favorite, thanks to the waterslides, lazy river, 500,000-gallon wave pool, tipping bucket that pours tons of water over enthusiastic patrons, and children's area with plenty of shallow pools. Bottom line: there's something for every age and stage at this action-packed theme water park.