Amazing facts of chocolates that you never knew

Chocolate has delicious taste and smooth texture. slightly cooler and slowly melts on mouth. It provide lot of benefits to your life.

Amazing facts of chocolates that you never knew

Chocolate is one of the most delicious irresistible foods in everyday use.

Its slightly cooler and slowly melts on mouth.

Not only its delicious taste and smooth texture. It also have powerful effects on the brain. 

Chocolate made from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans rich in natural antioxidants called flavonols. 

Chocolate gives you many health benefits to you.

It helps to lower your blood pressure. Some physician recommend small amount of black chocolate for their patients.

Chocolate can control sugar level in blood vessels and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Chocolate contains mood changing chemicals.

Tryptophan and PEA boost your happiness by releasing dopamine on the brain. Dopamine keeps brain happy.

Chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system.

Types of chocolate

1. Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder used to bake and cooking purposes cocoa powder is dark and has a milder chocolate taste

2. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate doesn't contain milk liquor sugar or vennila. Dark chocolate has a bitter taste.

Dark chocolate contain at least 35% chocolate liquor nuts chocolate. Very dark chocolate as high as 80%.

3. Milk chocolate

In addition to containing cocoa butter and cocoa liquor with condensed milk or dry milk solids which gives dark chocolate to light colour and delicious milk taste.

milk chocolate should be contains at least 12% of milk and must contain a minimum of 10% chocolate liquor.

4. White chocolate

White chocolate contains cocoa butter but does not contain chocolate Liquor. White chocolates taste like vanilla.

Most of the most of the commercial products contain vegetable fats instead of cocoa butter.

According to FDA standards white chocolate must contain at least 20% cocoa butter and 14% milk.

Varieties of chocolates

We can buy chocolate in many forms inside many foods on the market. Such as drinks, ice cream biscuits, chocolate bars and ect.

Cream centre chocolates may have Orange raspberry vanilla filling or melted butter or chocolate.

Almonds cashews peanuts pecans or hazelnuts can be dipped into chocolate. Silicone molds widely use to make awesome shapes from chocolate.

Fruits such as Apricot, Cherry, Orange peel, pineapple can be covered with chocolate.

Chocolate is an amazing gift for people you love.

Make sure product is healthy product before you selecting chocolates.