Best movies to watch on a rainy day

Which movies are best to watch when its raining outside and when you have a lazy afternoon and nothing to do

Best movies to watch on a rainy day

It's 2 o’clock in the afternoon but its looks 6 o’clock on outside.

It's been a few days started rainy season. Waiting on the bed watching raining ,outside the window.

Decided to share my favorite rainy day movies with you.

So here are my picks for you to watch when it's raining outside.


  1. Jurassic park franchise



This is an american Science fiction.

First movie was directed by Steven Spielberg. Everyone loves movies specially SCI-FI movies.

This is the few of the greatest movies franchise you can watch on all the time.

Cloning dinosaurs. Massive fights. There are tons of awesome scenes with giant reptiles.


  1. Twilight Saga



One of the greatest romantic movie franchises of all time.

Forks, a small town located by Washington state's Olympic Peninsula,

It rains most of the time in the year.

Bella moves to live with her father.

She begin relationship with edward cullen who is a vampires and her best friend comes from a werewolves family.

Perfect movie to rainy days specially first movie.


  1. Pirates of the caribbean



Love pirate movies? Pirates of the caribbean franchise have 5 movies

You should watch this,

specially on a rainy day entire franchise.

Lots of actions, treasure huntings and piracy.

Character Captain Jack sparrow who played by johnny depp. This movies filled with many wet and rainy scenes.


List of few other movies you would love to watch on a rainy day

  1. John Wick franchise
  2. It (2017)
  3. Godzilla (2014)
  4. King Kong (2005)
  5. Anaconda (1997)
  6. Alien franchise
  7. The ring (2002)
  8. The Lord of the Ring trilogy


Do you agree with my  list? What is your favorite movie to watch on a rainy day?