Coca Cola vs. Pepsi top soft drink companies in the world

Comparing success of Coca Cola and Pepsi brands which are top companies of the world. Considering begining, revenue, annual sales.

Coca Cola vs. Pepsi top soft drink companies in the world

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the most popular brands among soda making companies. 

When considering how they become success all these years. We're have to compare both of Coca-Cola and Pepsi brands. 

Everyone in the world should have heard this brand names once in there lifetime. Except Cuba and North Korea every country has coca cola. 

Coca-Cola company is very popular for their creative advertising. Coca-Cola is more popular than Pepsi in most of the countries in the world. 

Coca-Cola first brewed in a small pharmacy in Columbus, Georgia by john stith Pemberton. The main purpose was to recover world war 2 soldiers from morphine addiction. 

In early ages The Coca-Cola was made mixing wine with cocaine and caffeine. 

It was used to treat neural diseases, stomachaches and headaches. 

In 1886 it named as Coca-Cola by removing wine from the mixture. Until the 1900 cocaine included in Coca-Cola.

The beginning of the Pepsi is also caused by a medical purpose in 1893 North Carolina. 

It was known as Brad's drink for 5 years to honour it's maker Caleb Bradham. Then named Pepsi officially in 1898 because it contains pepsin enzyme and cola. Pepsin can improve digestion and boost energy.

In 350g Coca-Cola tin contains 39g of sugar. In  350g Pepsi can contains 41g of sugar. comparing both of them Pepsi is sweeter than Coca-Cola.

Annual Coca-Cola sales is over 2.3 billion gallons only in USA. However Pepsi sales is lower than half of Coca-Cola sales.

When we consider both of them as companies coca cola marketing value is about 180 billion US dollars. The opponent Pepsi is also worth 150 billion USD.

Even though the annual income of Pepsi is way higher than Coca-Cola. Because Pepsi not just soda company it has various fields of products.

In 2015 it was 43.7 billion and 63.1 billion USD in annual income reported by each Coca-Cola and PepsiCo companies.

Coca-Cola company is not getting this revenue only selling coca-cola. They have more than 35 brands of soft drinks such as Fanta and sprite.

Pepsico also have more than 22 brands such as 7up and mountain dev. Pepsi has also team up with Starbucks. Not just drinks Doritos also one of their famous brands.

Pepsico company has twice employees than Coca-Cola have.