Google Pixel 4 features, price, leaks so far

Google Pixel 4 will be Google's first smartphone which has dual camera setup. It will have in-display fingerprint scanner and radar hand gesture identification.

Google Pixel 4 features, price, leaks so far

Google Pixel 4 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2019. We've been waiting a long time for the google pixel 4 and google pixel 4 XL. It will be expected to appear in October 2019.

We've heard many rumours about this phone on the internet. A few days ago front and rear photos of Google Pixel 4 leaked by its XDA developers on Telegram. So this post will based on these photos and other rumours we found everywhere on the internet.


Leaked image of Google Pixel 4 by its XDA developers


Google Pixel 4 dual rear camera setup

Key difference between the pixel 4 and its past models is that this is Google's first smartphone with two lenses on the rear but it comes at a time when others are moving to triple and even quad lens primary cameras. One sensor with 16MP telephoto lense and other one 12MP sensor. 


Google Pixel 4 bezels and front sensors

According to leaked images it has cool design and thin bezels compared to pixel 3 and it has only a single front facing camera and soli chip to face unlocking feature. Even though we still don't know about the device until they release it. 


Google Pixel 4 hand gestures

Google has officially announced the rear cameras and front bezel will include a project soli radar sensor for gestures and improved face unlock technology. But we won't be able to see top notch or punch hole camera in this smartphone like Samsung did on their new Galaxy S10 flagship.


What is Google's Project Soli

Project Soli was first announced back in 2015 at Google IO. It's an innovative technology based on short range radar to detect hand gestures without touching the screen of the phone.

The other technologies use cameras to identify hand gestures but radar sensors do this more precisely and accurately.


Google pixel 4 fingerprint scanner

We didn't see fingerprint scanner on its leaked photos. But Pixel 3 had fingerprint scanner that not just unlock and can be used to identify finger gestures. Google Pixel 4 will also have a indisplay fingerprint scanner like Samsung Galaxy S10.


Issues that should be fixed on next Pixel device

When considering google pixel 3 users have experienced a few issues that need to be fixed.

Most pixel 3 users have agreed pixel 2 had significantly better battery life compared to pixel 3. And memory management has few issues. Specially the slowness of the camera app. Updates doesn't fix it.

Overall google pixel 3 was one of the best smartphones last year. We hope these issues will be fixed on their next flagship device which will be launched next month.


Google Pixel 4 price

Google Pixel lineup started 4 years ago. Pixel 3 price start at 800USD. Pixel price rising for years. Possibly it will cost around 1000USD/1000EUR/1500AU. Samsung and Apple also increased their prices for their device. So it is not a surprise. Google will do the same.


Pixel 4 features and hardware specs

  • CPU - Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset

  • RAM - 6 GB RAM

  • Rear Camera - 12 MP sensor and 16 MP telephoto sensor

  • Display - 5.6-inch/ 6.3-inch display 90 fps

  • OS - will be pure Android Q

  • Battery capacity - 2800mAh/3700mAh

  • Gestures - Google soli Radar chip

  • Fingerprint - Indisplay fingerprint

  • Memory Card - No external

  • Headphone jack - 3.5mm port will not available

  • Network - It will have 5G with dual SIM card support.