How to get over guilt in 7 ways

Feeling too much guilty over something? Guilty feelings can be a burden to moving forward on our lives. So we need to control these feelings to a certain limit.

How to get over guilt in 7 ways

Photo by Keenan Constance from Pexels

Feeling guilty is simply natural. Most of the time we start to feel guilty when we betray our own standards or universal standards. Guilt comes after an incident, event or something you have done to someone else or a mistake you have made in the past. Sometimes it’s a signal that tells we’re exceeding our limits and doing something wrong.

Just think for a moment, if you’re not feeling guilty over something inappropriate, you’ll continue to do the same and you’ll keep on making a negative impact on yourself and others.That’s the point where the guilt becomes an important and essential emotion.

Sometimes you need to feel guilt. But if you’re feeling too much guilt and can’t get over it, that would become a problem. That means you’re thinking about your particular situation more than you should and it’s haunting your mind. Therefore you need to forget those painful feelings and move forward on your life. However this article will help you to get through your difficult times dealing with guilt and regret.


Identify the type of guilt 

Before getting rid of guilty feelings we need to understand the types of guilt. It will be more easy to understand and overcome your guilt. There are two types of guilt

  1. Proportionate guilt / Productive guilt

  2. Disproportionate guilt / Unproductive guilt


Proportionate guilt / Productive guilt

We start to have a guilty conscience over many things. When our actions have caused harm to someone, we naturally feel regret. It’s reasonable to feel that way because we know that we were wrong and we are responsible for what happened. This type of guilt is a productive guilt and it is completely reasonable and natural.

Disproportionate guilt / Unproductive guilt

But sometimes we feel guiit for no reason. We feel bad and upset and feel regret for something we did not do intentionally. Normally we feel that way on the things we can't control. It is an unproductive guilt and not ordinary. However, we feel it when we should not feel that way at all. It is really unfair if we are suffering from this kind of unnecessary regret when we are not at fault.

Therefore at first, you need to recognize what kind of guilt you’re suffering from. Then you have to consider what should you do to overcome these two types.


1. Accept what happened

If you are really at fault, first you need to accept the fact that you have made a mistake. It is completely normal because we all make mistakes. Sometimes it is hard to accept the truth. You might have done something weird. But whatever it is, admit that something wrong happened and it is over now. You cannot control what happened in the past. Think that at least now you understand and try to learn from it.


2. Forgive yourself

What’s the purpose of torturing yourself over something that cannot be undone? You made a mistake and it’s ok. Now you have accepted it. So you need to forgive yourself. There is no use feeling anger towards yourself. It will only make you sick and unhealthy.


3. Learn from what happened

Some things happen in our lives for our own good. Many incidents we consider as bad turn out to be the root of something good. Things we experience teaches us many things that we did not even care. Do you think that your mistake have taught you something important to your life? You probably have learned something. Always try to make your mistake a lesson to your life.


4. Let go of the past

Now you have already had the impact of what you did or whatever causes guilt. You cannot change the past. You should only focus on the present. You have a positive future ahead and you need to do your best to make your future successful.


5. Everyone makes mistakes

Remember that everyone has made mistakes at certain stages of their lives and will make mistakes at any time. We are ordinary people and it is normal to make mistakes. Everyone you have met, seen makes mistakes.We all are bound to make mistakes. Do not feel that you are the only one that make mistakes.


6. Share with others

"No one can understand what you're going through, unless you open up and share your feelings."

If you can share what you are feeling right now with someone close to you, you can definitely reduce the pressure on your mind. It really relaxes your mind. At least you can be happy that someone knows what is in your mind. They might advice you to take it easy and try to make you comfort.

You also can help someone who is going under the same thing. I think this will be the most important thing to a person who is feeling bad about themselves. When you share your thoughts on being guilty with someone who is going through the same thing and someone needed, they can reduce their pain and so will you.


7. Get professional help

Don't think that you are at a critical mental situation. But if you are unable to get over the guilty feeling at any cost, you need to get professional help from psychiatrists or therapists. Guilt can be the cause of stress, depression and even growth disorders. So if you cannot handle the situation you need to seek treatments and advice from profesionals.



Remember everyone is not perfect and it's human nature to make mistakes. I mean this is called living. Guilt is just a feeling. Do not let an emotion to ruin your life. Life is too short to regret. We live once and need to cherish our lives. We should do our best to live a beautiful life. I hope you will find the strength to fight against the guilty feelings that hurt you.